on associate membership and cooperation with the European Interdisciplinary Council on Ageing – EICA

The ……………………………
legally represented by ………………………hereby declares its associate membership and cooperation with the

European Interdisciplinary Council on Ageing / EICA legally represented by ………………………

As an associate member and cooperation partner, the above stated organisation fully supports the mission of EICA as declared in the respective mission statement (see the statute and mission of the association).
Vice versa EICA will provide to the associate member a scientific and international platform offering opportunity for adequate translation and dissemination of results from ageing research to various professional groups, policy makers, advanced education programs and the general public.

In particular EICA intends to support the associate member by hosting and co-organising the following public or closed formats of dissemination, education and knowledge transfer:
– Seminars and Conferences
– Lectures and series of lectures
– Courses (e,g.: Continuous education-, Master-Courses)
– Workshops
– Policy papers

An agreement for collaboration in such formats implies the following general rights and obligations for EICA as well as the associate member.

The undersigned parties generally agree that

– helps in promotion and dissemination of events and respective results in European wide networks
– establishes relevant links to EU policy and stakeholders (if required)
– takes care of adequate representation and promotion of the respective associate member (use of logos and corporate identity, links to websites etc.)
– provides necessary and internationally attractive facilities and infrastructure (adequate rooms, technical equipment, additional staffing and logistics) in Venice (San Servolo) – alternatively in Vienna – for the planned format
– gives general support in locally organising and planning for the event by providing part time secretariat services
– reserves the right for an ultimate decision on selected topics, formats and timing when planning joint events with an associate member or cooperation partner

II.) The Associate Member
– comes up with a timely proposition for a joint event that should be launched via EICA
– will designate a contact person to elaborate and monitor the joint event on its behalf with EICA
– pays an agreed cost contribution (lump sum, share of event-income or combined – to be specified in individual agreement of cooperation) to EICA for hosting and co-organising the event
– takes care of adequate representation and promotion of the EICA corporate identity and logo when promoting/disseminating the event

Specific rules and regulations shall additionally be set out in a separate “Agreement of cooperation” for each format.

Period of membership and fees
The period of associate membership with EICA is three years. The membership ends automatically and without any further notice three years after signature of this agreement. It can be prolonged in mutual consent for further three-year periods of membership as often as wished.
The associate member pays an annual membership fee of € 1,000.- to EICA. The payment shall be put into effect within 30 days of invoicing.

This agreement does not originate legal entitlements or obligations on the side of EICA or the associate member for the provision of any kind of goods or services.