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Antimicrobial resistance and the role of Vaccines

Antimicrobial resistance, which has been increasing at a disturbing rate, is now considered a threat to planetary health. The consequences of antimicrobial resistance are even now being felt in the European Union. In fact, The mortality linked to antibiotic-resistant infections in Europe corresponds to approximately 33,000 deaths yearly; The economic burden of antimicrobial resistance [...]

Senior travellers on the move: a focus on vaccine-preventable diseases

The world’s ageing population and the increasing number of older travellers have important implications, especially for health professionals. According to senior population projections and international travel trends, more older people will travel over the next 15 years. Vaccine-preventable diseases are only one aspect to deal with during a normal pre-travel consultation, but often they [...]

Pharmacy-based interventions to increase vaccine uptake

The European Interdisciplinary Council on Aging (EICA) has made the decision to focus this year’s main meeting for stakeholders on: “Pharmacy-based interventions to increase vaccine uptake”. The decision was a pivotal one in view of the fact that pharmacists play very different roles in various areas of the world. In some countries, their job [...]