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The world’s ageing population and the increasing number of older travellers have important implications, especially for health professionals. According to senior population projections and international travel trends, more older people will travel over the next 15 years.

Vaccine-preventable diseases are only one aspect to deal with during a normal pre-travel consultation, but often they represent the “driving force” which moved the travellers to book an appointment. Specific and peculiar aspects of an ageing immune system may pose doubts in the providers on safety of giving vaccines to senior travellers, sometimes possibly making them decide against.

The conference, jointly organised by the European Interdisciplinary Council on Ageing (EICA) and the Italian Society of Travel and Migration Medicine (SIMVIM), aims to assist participants in broadening their knowledge on vaccine-preventable diseases in senior travellers and in solving doubts on correct indications and contraindications for each vaccine. This goal can be scored through both presentations by leading experts in the field and plenty of time devoted to discussion. In the meanwhile, the conference represents a valuable opportunity to meet and converse with colleagues, contributing to build stronger networks.

WIW Joint Statement 2019